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  • black goldstone
  • black goldstone

Black Goldstone Teardrop Pendant


All that glitters is Not gold, but it could be Goldstone....

Awesome sparkling Black Goldstone pendant set in Sterling Silver.

This peice is a part of our featured collection appropraitly named: Goldstone.

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Sterling Silver

♥ Teardrop Cabochon Cut

♥ Bezel Set

♥ blue/black

♥ 2.5cm H x 2cm W


Goldstone is a type of glittering glass of Venetian origins. Originally manufactured in the 17th century by the Miotti family. Folklore describes the accidental discovery of Goldstone being made by medieval Alchemists. Another name for Goldstone is Aventurine glass from the Italian "avventura" meaning "adventure" or "chance". It has been called Stelleria, Sun Sitara, Monk's Gold or Monkstone. Goldstone contains tiny crystals of metallic copper.

Black Goldstone